"Don't Just Fix It, Make It Rock Solid!"



Jim Rothe is the owner and lead technician for Rock Solid Tech Support. He is a natural problem-solver and a proven leader in his field, having worked on many different brands and platforms throughout his more than 30 years in the business. From the original IBM PCs in the pre-internet era of the 80s to contending with today’s insidious ransomware and privacy breeches, Jim has evolved in tandem with the industry using his extensive knowledge, intuitive nature and commitment to providing the very best service.

After working for years as a tech support professional with a variety of computer retailers and corporate suppliers, Jim made his foray into network administration. While at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, he supported the vice president of nursing as a nursing informatics specialist. He configured and supervised two 250-user Novell Netware servers for nursing education across the LAN/WAN environment; configured unattended backups for the same; maintained nursing management databases; trained end-users; installed and maintained a web server on OS/2 Warp; and developed and implemented procedures for institution-wide network printing.

The next 16 years of his career were with defense contractors. Initially, he was a support specialist for the U.S. Army’s Logistics and Readiness Center at Ft. Monmouth. There, he co-supervised a 500-user Banyan VINES network, where he performed Banyan server and TCP/IP client configuration, Windows workstation support and application software installation. He also developed organization-wide anti-virus protocols, implemented remote installation procedures, and trained coworkers.

He moved on to join the tech support team of an off-post defense contractor as the network administrator, where he operated Windows networking servers and Cisco routers and switches. He established himself as the lead technician and go-to person in a team of six, and was quickly recruited into the firm’s computer security consultancy serving U.S. Army and other defense-sector customers. Over 10 years, he was part of the Army’s “Information Assurance” staff, keeping hackers and foreign actors out of our nation’s most sensitive information systems. It was here that Jim earned his Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification – the highest possible tier of security credential that is recognized by the Department of Defense.

His list of skills and evidence of successful projects is extensive, but at his core, Jim has always wanted to help people. “I enjoy coming to people’s rescue.” says Jim. That tradition continues with Rock Solid Tech Support.

Jim is a New Jersey native who now lives in Monmouth County near the beach with his rescue dog, Popeye often by his side.